Belanger Offroading Adventure.

Whenever the Belanger family gets a chance to break away from the fast paced dealership for a couple days, they always end up on an offroading adventure.

This time? They loaded up their 2017 Gulf Stream Gulf Breeze 30DCT, 3 YXZ1000's and a PW50 over to St. Helen, Michigan (Exit 222!) for a weekend of DRY camping. That means they had to bring a Yamaha 3000 generator, to keep the A/C running and the fridge on.

St. Helen has endless amounts of trails to explore that are miles long (Over 50 to be exact!). You can take a trail to a restaurant for lunch and end up on a completely different trail back on a brand new adventure. Lindsay and Shelly have made lots of friends, much like themselves, over the years in Michigan who LIVE for that Yamaha Outdoor Lifestyle! Which is why they enjoy coming back any chance they get.

Bryson (Shelly and Lindsays 6 year old grandson) had a riot on this trip as well. He road shot-gun when they were out side by siding and when he was around the camp site, got to play on his PW50! He'll be hitting the trails on his own, in no time.

If you have any questions about taking your adventure cross the boarder, give us a call at 519-682-2407 and we can get your all the details!