Safety Tips for ATV Riders

Lets get serious. ATV and Snowmobilers are always at risk for the unexpected to happen and we want to help you take the steps to prevent these injuries or in some cases, death.

As many of you may know, some riders were injured over the holidays on Lakeshore Road 303. This happened just 24 hours after a fatal crash between an ATV and a snowmobile in Wallaceburg on New Year’s Eve. We CANNOT see any more of these incidents to happen in our area, at all.

Here at Tilbury Auto Sales RV and Yamaha we have these recommendations:

  • Layer up. Always have the proper gear to keep yourself warm in these frigid temperatures. Gloves are important.
  • Have a life preserver. It is possible to fall through the ice. In some places, the ice isn't completely frozen and some pumps are still going underneath bridges, so please be extra cautious when approaching areas with bridges.
  • Have proper insurance.
  • Don't drive alone. If you MUST, tell a family member or friend when and where you're going. and when you expect to make it home.
  • Having proper and WORKING headlights. MAKE YOURSELF SEEN! This is a mistake many riders make on older models of power sports, but please think of the others you may run into along the way.
  • HELMET. HELMET. HELMET. Do not get on one of these machines without a helmet.
  • Carry a cellphone with you.
  • SLOW DOWN!!! Speed is always an on-going issue. A lot of people like riding the rivers and streams because it creates a tunnel effect. It feels like there’s nothing but a straight shot ahead of you. That’s the attraction. When the water level is high, you don’t have clearance or it’s minimal clearance. Some bridges have caution tape, but if you’re going too fast — maybe it’s too late.

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