Yamaha Demo Day

Demo day that was hosted on Saturday May 5th 2018 was a HUGE success here at Tilbury Auto Sales RV Yamaha. This was Yamaha’s first motorcycle demo day of 2018, and from what they told us, it was one of the busiest.

We had over 30+ people PRE-REGISTER for a ride! And not to mention, every single person came with the proper riding gear. That really helped simplify the day, and made sure everyone got the ride the bike they were interested in.

We had over 10 different brand new Yamaha bikes to test drive (plus a couple of Lindsay's bikes), and everything went over safely.

No accidents, no bikes falling over, nothing! Everything went without issues.

Everybody was super polite, didn’t mind waiting for their turn, and was very patient with us! So we thank you again for your co-operation.

Little Ceasers pizza was provided as well as water & pop. We had lots of freebies such as Sunglasses, Bracelets, Kick Stand Platforms, Lanyards & more.

Thank you again to everybody who came out and we are looking forward to our next demo ride with you.