Why to get your Yamaha maintained and serviced at Tilbury Auto Sales RV Yamaha

10 good reasons to have your Yamaha maintained at our official dealers

  • We know everything there is to know about your Yamaha
  • Only the very best dealers make it through our selection process
  • Our technicians are graduates of our own Yamaha Training Academy
  • We always have the latest technical information and updates
  • Our highly equipped workshops can save you time and money
  • We love what we do, and we'll treat your Yamaha with respect
  • Yamaha Genuine parts and accessories are always fitted
  • We're always here to advise on anything Yamaha
  • Transparent maintenance costs keep you fully informed
  • You'll enjoy added peace of mind and stronger resale value

Every Yamaha that we manufacture is built to give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment. We make it our business to produce for you a product that is innovative - both in terms of technology and design - and that delivers exciting performance with premium quality.

Like every vehicle, your Yamaha requires routine maintenance and regular servicing by trained Yamaha technicians in order to ensure that it continues to deliver the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

Your Official Yamaha dealer:

To make sure that your Yamaha receives the best possible care, we recommend that you always use a Yamaha Official dealer for parts and servicing. You can be confident that each aspect of their business - from the workshop facilities and equipment, through to customer service and technical expertise - conforms to Yamaha’s strict quality standards.

Every technician working at our Official Yamaha dealers has been trained by Yamaha’s own training academy: the Yamaha Technical Academy. All technicians receive training on new models and new Yamaha technologies with use of the latest training methods, such as e-learning.

The latest technical data and equipment:

With their up-to-the-minute product knowledge, our Official Yamaha dealers will always ensure that your Yamaha is running efficiently, reliable and delivering peak performance. Which gives you total peace of mind.

In addition to their unrivalled product knowledge, the Official Yamaha dealers are fully equipped with special tools and high-tech diagnostic equipment that enables their Yamaha technicians to carry out efficient and cost-effective maintenance and repairs, saving you time and money. In addition the Yamaha Technicians are the only ones that can execute the necessary updates during regular maintenance.

Best quality at a fair price:

We love what we do, and you can be sure that we'll take care of your Yamaha and treat it as if it were our own. We will only ever fit Yamaha Genuine parts and accessories in order to ensure that your Yamaha continues to operate efficiently and effectively as long as possible.

By always using the right tools for the right model, and by using only the correct parts and accessories, our Official Yamaha dealers are able to offer you the highest quality of service at a fair price. Because when it comes to looking after your Yamaha, it makes sense to use fully trained professionals that deliver the best value and give you added peace of mind.

Transparent maintenance costs:

When you need to arrange routine maintenance for your Yamaha, our Official Yamaha dealer is able to produce an exact quote for the work required. All you need to do is to supply your VIN, and the Official Yamaha dealer will produce a detailed cost overview for you to inspect before any work is carried out.

No one enjoys paying bills, but with Yamaha's transparent maintenance costs you know exactly what you are paying for, making the whole process easier.

Check your maintenance cost in a few clicks with our maintenance calculator.

Enhancing resale value:

There are also sound financial reasons to use one of our Official Yamaha dealers - because by doing so you make sure that your Yamaha is looked after professionally and you are also enhancing its future resale value.

There's no doubt that a product with a fully documented manufacturer's service history is usually more attractive to a potential buyer, whether they're a private individual or a dealer. And so routine maintenance should be regarded as an investment for the future, rather than a cost.

Genuine Parts and Yamalube®:

As well as their unrivalled product knowledge and technical know-how, the Official Yamaha dealer will fit Genuine Yamaha Parts and use Yamalube® oils, lubricants and maintenance care products when taking care of your Yamaha.

These high quality parts and lubricants have been tested and approved by the same engineers that designed your Yamaha - which means that they will ensure that your motorcycle, scooter, ATV, snowmobile, outboard engine, WaveRunner or other Yamaha model continues to run efficiently for many years. And by using your Yamaha Official dealer for parts and servicing, you will also help to maintain the value and saleability of your Yamaha when you decide to purchase your next model.

We're here to help:

Our Official Yamaha dealers are always ready to advice on all service, parts and accessory enquiries. Just pick up the phone, or go online for a fast and courteous response. Or even better, drop in to see them for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee!